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amiibos, PmWiki, and dwarves

Apr 4th, 2015 at 2:40 AM · 2015 means doing better, website, videogames, wtf an update
I spent a frankly embarrassing period of time in doing it, but I got my preorder in for a Ness amiibo. I'm ridiculously happy with myself!

Having some trouble with roleplaying. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is. Possibly it's the open choice? Maybe I'm too used to playing linear video games and the like, where there are several ways to advance, but they all lead in the same general direction.

Finally bit the bullet and decided to install a wiki for my private roleplaying data. PmWiki turns out to be like 0.25 megs or something! Even my little web hosting account and handle that! So that's done and I've spent a completely stupid amount of time customizing my install. (Some of it was useful, like tweaking the search results so that passers-by don't get stuff from the wiki help pages unless they're specifically looking for it. Most of it is me having fun with conditional markup and coding. That part is time wasted.)

Bah, I'm not good at postprandial journaling. I'm sleepy and happy and possibly a few more of the seven dwarves.

Have a good one!

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technology sucks sometimes

Mar 4th, 2015 at 8:13 PM · technology sucks, videogames
Yesterday, my browser engaged in a rather impressive show of repeatedly crashing whenever I tried to do anything. Also when I didn't do anything. Frustrating as that was, I have to admire the sort of commitment involved.

Eventually I abandoned the computer, fired up ye olde PSP, and sank my teeth into some Darkstalkers instead. Still not sure why Jedah Dohma dresses like a Japanese high school student, but oh well. I beat him anyway.

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