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Mar 26th, 2014 at 8:19 PM · wtf an update
When my husband and I moved, our new living room was dominated by a small but very heavy computer desk. I can barely move the thing if I throw all my body weight against it, so even with my husband's help, we weren't going to get the thing drudged upstairs to the computer room.

My brother stepped up, and those two fellows (my brother and my husband) got their burden upstairs as easily as if it were an oversize basket of laundry. Utterly amazing. I'm actually typing this from my station at that desk.

Of course, now we need an actual coffee table, because our remotes-and-beverages holder is no longer there. Heh. For the moment, we have an upturned apple box (!) holding up the remotes, but I have something a bit nicer than cardboard in mind.

Not sure what else. If we can get some help disconnecting a rusted-on washing machine hose, I can stop schlepping my laundry places, but for Reasons, that hose is going to take an expert to remove. There's also my old video games and books to get set up here. Just need to co-ordinate some measurements and align stuff, one piece of furniture at a time.

I think I have forgotten how to journal, a little. I'm out of practice. Well, I know the solution to being out of practice: get back into it!

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is this thing still on?

Mar 25th, 2014 at 9:53 PM · wtf an update
Hi! It has been awhile! *checks to see just how long* October?! What the shit, Ree. What even.


My husband and I moved earlier this month. (We didn't go far, just changed homes within the same town. The main differences are that the new neighborhood doesn't suck goat balls, the new layout actually makes some sense, and there are places worth going on foot from here. We... weren't especially happy with the old place.) There was all the stress and most of the world's collection of cardboard boxes. The stress is gone (as much as it ever is, where I'm concerned); the boxes are largely still here, but empty and flattened to prepare for taking them somewhere else. Not sure where, yet, but they aren't staying here!

I find myself missing the days when I wrote in my online journal regularly. I feel like I shouldn't do a one-line update if it doesn't accurately reflect everything that's passed since the last update. I also feel like most of what I do with my days is not worthy of reportage. Apparently I am as nonsensical as ever, then. Good to know.

I have a window in my kitchen, a comfortable spot to sit with my computer and cruise the internet, and a jar of leftover Valentine's hearts. And I'm nearly through a replay of CATRAP. (CATRAP is the best, by the way. It's the cutest version of Pitman, it's $2.99 USD, and also kitty children. What's not to like?)

I hope my radio silence hasn't been interpreted as disinterest or distress. I'm quite well. I've been a bit busy lately, but the bulk of that has passed; I continue to be as distractable and unfocused as ever, and I don't expect that to change soon.

Life is good.

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