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technology sucks sometimes

Mar 4th, 2015 at 8:13 PM · technology sucks, videogames
Yesterday, my browser engaged in a rather impressive show of repeatedly crashing whenever I tried to do anything. Also when I didn't do anything. Frustrating as that was, I have to admire the sort of commitment involved.

Eventually I abandoned the computer, fired up ye olde PSP, and sank my teeth into some Darkstalkers instead. Still not sure why Jedah Dohma dresses like a Japanese high school student, but oh well. I beat him anyway.

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roleplaying again

Feb 19th, 2015 at 10:39 PM · jaina, 2015 means doing better, char: jaina jade, roleplay
Some days, you wrestle with the toothpaste tube. You grab it and grip it and carefully work the contents out.

By which I mean that I squeezed out a roleplaying post again today. It ain't Shakespeare and it still doesn't come as easily as I remember, but I'm in it all the same. Feels good. One post does not a habit make, of course; I still need to work on keeping this up. One post is more progress than zero posts, though, and one drop at a time can fill a bucket.

... I don't actually know what that metaphor is supposed to represent, in this context. Gimme a sec.

It... means that, even if I manage one or zero posts every day, eventually we'll get there? I think. Don't ask me, they're just my words; why does that mean I should know what they mean?

I may be a little brain fried. My mind is currently full of a certain redhead dancing to Queen (because I refused to let her infinitely loop the Ramones). She can dance all she wants, just so long as she hangs around. I've missed her.

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