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Jul 18th, 2014 at 4:45 AM · owning things correctly, videogames, videogames: ddr, wtf an update
I got new shoes two weeks ago. They're comfy and sturdy, with plenty of traction. No more slipping on the floor due to worn-out shoes!

Except I lost them within the first week of having them. I took them off at my mother's house, carefully set them out of the way in the first place I'd look for them, and later they weren't there. Nor were they anywhere else I could think to look.


Today my aunt texted me, saying she and her granddaughter were in town and needed something to do for a bit; could they come over? Well, yeah, of course they could!

I'd gotten the idea to get rid of my PS1. I never used it (my husband and I have two PS2s between us, both of which can play PS1 games, so the PS1 is utterly redundant). I should get rid of it.

I also had a PS1 Dance Dance Revolution game (Konamix) that I couldn't play on our TV, due to display lag, but it still works fine with any CRT TV. I even had an extra DDR controller to go with the set. I thought maybe I'd see if my aunt was interested in having her own DDR game, since she'd tried it at my place before and seemed intrigued by it. It was worth a shot, anyway.

My aunt and her granddaughter barely got in my door before they asked if I had movies, or video games, or did I happen to still have a DDR game? Could they play that?

My usual DDR game (SuperNova) has a setting that lets it get along with the flatscreen TV (Konamix doesn't have this setting). I got everything set up with Supernova and chatted with my aunt while my cousin quickly picked up the gameplay.

My aunt started off the conversation by asking what all she would need to play DDR at her home: an Xbox, she asked, was what I had? And a dance mat, clearly, but how would she know which one would work for which game, or which system, or how did that work?

Thus assured of her interest, I politely stopped her and asked if she would like my old DDR setup: console, cables, DDR controller, and game, everything required, none of which I had any use for.

That was awesome and made us all very happy! Whereupon we grinned a lot.

I'd kept my PS1 in storage at my mother's, so we went over there. I got into the room, slid off my shoes so I could stand furniture to reach it, and found a second pair of shoes waiting there: my mislaid new pair, right where I'd forgotten them the last time I looked at my PS1.

Aha. Okay!

So I don't have a PS1 anymore, but it's going to a good home. And I got my good shoes back. I have tread again.

Life is good.

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home is best

May 22nd, 2014 at 7:13 PM · crossposted: msree.livejournal.com, wtf an update
Last week my husband baked me a cake. In reference to a joke we shared, it was yellow cake and he decorated it as the periodic table square for uranium.

(My husband is the best.)

We had some local family members over to our new place - the first time most of them had seen it since helping us move in - and it went really well. We had enough chairs and I figured out how to stretch supper for our early arrivals. The dishes all got done either that night or the next morning, I don't recall which, but they didn't linger to bother me. That's a new-ish development and I like it very much.

Our home looked pretty good that night. I'm proud. It still looks nice, even with Roman Holiday running unheeded on the TV (I needed something non-action to keep me from getting bored while I did some sorely needed mending, and then I left it running while I worked on other things) and the stuff that is normally on top of the dryer is on the sofa (brb, fixing that. Fixed!).

The weather has gotten warm, even hot. The temperature is lovely but the humidity is more than I'd like, even if it's far from the worst South Dakota has to offer.

My elbows are sore and I know why. Last night, I couldn't sleep, so I finally crawled all surly out of bed and curled up with Kirby Mass Attack. I tried to achieve perfection in every stage, one stage at a time; I only made it to the second world, and it took me so long that today I am running on fumes. It's a Kirby game, a series known for its low difficulty, and I was cursing as early as 1-2. Lovely. I am forbidding myself to even look at Kirby today, or nothing else would get done. As for the sleep deprivation, well, God bless Mountain Dew.

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