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Ráwen Darkstar is a half-elven thief. She originated when Ree needed a D&D 3rd Ed. character, then moved to 2nd Ed and continues to terrorise fellow party members wherever she goes.

Her ancestry is actually 3/4 elven and 1/4 human, which still makes a "half-elf" by D&D race rules. (Her mother's da was human.) This makes her fairly exotic to humans and inexplicable to most D&D aficionados.

She is infamous in her party for her distinct lack of elven/thiefly grace. She knocked herself out trying to scale a wall once (she kept slipping). This happened on numerous occasions. On one caper, she was disguised in a formal gown when she had to escape by sewer. Taking the greatest care to cling to the ladder down, she nevertheless slipped (botched!) into sewage six feet deep.

Ráwen is just over five feet tall.


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