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About the Twine wiki:

Please play around creating and editing pages if you're so inclined: find out how.

Some general info/help:

How to Twine

[Free Links] and [Page Formatting], both from the UseModWiki site.

To Do

Twine itself can refer to:

The second definition is, by and large, what is meant by the title of this wiki. (This section added 2004/02/18 11:00 --mt)

I'm hurt. --wf

OMH OMH OMH OMH OMH. --mt, 18/02/2004, 00:48

First comment, sensible as ever. --sv?, 2004.02.18 01:34
Well, bugger me sideways, this works. --bk? 01:34
start as we mean to go on, with innyouendoh --ish? 1:36
Ish 1:36? Chapter and verse? --sv, 01:36
there is only one commandment, which is Be Excellent To One Another, and the corrolary(sp?) is Involving Nudity Wherever Possible --ish 01:37
I'm nude right now as I type this. --bk 01:38
I'd be more worried if you weren't. --sv 01:39
ooh, you get fewer points if you're _always_ nekkid, surely --ish 1:39
Eh, stick-taker. --bk 01:41

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