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EpicBlue was originally a [PunBB/FluxBB forum style]. It is now the default forum style at MoonBurnt. The style you're currently viewing is a CSS style of the same name and general apperance as its forum counterpart. The forum style was lightly modded by Ree; the wiki style is her creation.

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How to use this style

Registered users can enter a custom CSS URL on the Preferences page (at the bottom, just above the footer). Paste http://www.pokitty.com/squirrel/wiki/EpicBlue.css into Stylesheet URL textbox and click Save. The new style will not take effect until you view another Twine page; for some reason it isn't applied on the yay-you-saved page.

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Last edited December 5, 2006 6:48 am by Ree